Who is The Trans Lifter?

My name is Nick. And you’re probably here because you’ve seen my “fitness” stuff.

Or maybe you’ve decided that TODAY is the day.


Today is the day you want to change bad habits.

Today is the day that you want to do something big for yourself.

Don’t worry. I was there too. Been there many times. Honestly? I’m still there and working on it.

And I want to help you.

Just a quick disclaimer. I am not a professional or a licensed trainer or a nutritionist. I don’t have titles before my first name nor acronyms beyond my last name.

In 2014, I was barred from leaving a well-known gym facility in the Philippines because they demanded to see identification as I was going into the male locker room. I had a full beard and had been transitioning for 4 years. But I was denied from leaving and humiliated in front of other members.

Why not make a fitness portal for everybody and not just your community?

The LGBTQ+ community is already marginalized and treated as a minority. But isn’t fitness supposed to be for everybody? Why should we conform when we also have the same goals as the rest of the world?

Why, even in this recreational space, are we still confined to conform to standards of society?

This is why I built this website.

You deserve to be healthy.

LGBTQ+ or not, we all have that right to live the way we want to, in the healthiest way possible. Fitness should not discriminate. It is a basic human right.

You deserve to get that body.

We get into the fitness lifestyle to change ourselves, to make ourselves better. We deserve it as much as anybody else in this world. We deserve the body we want.

You deserve to be heard.

Everybody has goals but to be slammed and treated as an afterthought is not right. We are not others. We are people and our needs are the same as everybody else.

My aim is to bring together all of us to a space where you know you are being heard and understood.

Where even in the comfort of your home or until you are confident to go to a gym, you will learn the things that I wished I learned before.

Because I know how it feels and it sucks. For real!

My goal is to bring you content that will help you realize your potential to change your body is just within you. It is a process but it is doable. It is possible.

So I welcome you to this portal. If you have questions, you can contact me.

Welcome to the new you, my friend.