A FREE Trans Man Workout Program?!

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Yes, you read that right. If you missed the super sale of the workout program that I use, you can try this on for size, also created by Coach Cho.


You can skip this whole article and scroll to the bottom but you’ll be missing some of the most important tips to make this program more effective.


First off, this program was created with females in mind but it can also work for those who are pre-testosterone and even for those who are already transitioning.


The workout has a higher volume as compared to the original MF program and focuses more on the posterior chain aka lower body, as females typically store more fat in that area.


The volume (or the amount of work you are required to do) is higher than usual because women have the capacity to recover faster than men. This program has you doing more things than the program that I am currently using.




  1. This program is a 3x a week routine and you are required to go to a gym and use weights in the form of dumbbells and barbells.


  1. Your starting weight would depend. Start with the lightest weight you can handle first but this program is not some bouncy, chic, pink dumbbell workout. Lift some damn weights.


  1. You will not become The Hulk or a bulky woman by lifting weights. Please remove that idea from your head. Women do not have the same amount of testosterone as men to build huge amounts of muscle. If any, your butt will look nicer with this program. *wink*


  1. If you think lifting weights will make you bulk up, then remove the word TONE from your vocabulary. Because toning and building muscle are the same.


  1. This program requires you to build up based on the previous workout. Always strive to progress. No workout day should be the same. There should always be an extra rep or extra weight.


  1. You are not required to do cardio especially if your nutrition is on point. If you want to do cardio, do it on your off days.


And the most important tip that you should always remember:


Nutrition is the priority. If your nutrition is great, then you won’t even need this program to lose fat.


The best program, the most expensive gym, the award-winning personal trainer will never make up for bad nutrition. Always remember that.


This program will not compensate for a sucky diet. You can do a million ab workouts and kill yourself with cardio but…


  • If you eat like a bird – always skipping meals, barely eating anything, doing double diets in an effort to starve yourself, pulling all-nighters or,


  • Eat like an entire family – always a buffet day, turns cheat meals into cheat days, can’t exercise control over sweets, have no regard for portion control…


Then I’m sorry. This program just won’t give you the results you want. You can now close this article and go on with your life.


The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. (4)
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But if you want to change your life starting today, change the way you see food, change how you feel every day, experience how it feels like to not be tired all the time, to appreciate your body again for the first time in many years, then read on, my friend.


Workout Scheduling


As I said this is a 3x-a-week program, to be done alternating on non-consecutive days. That would be MWF, TThS, or whatever combo you want, with at least 1 rest day in between.


After Week 3, just go back to the Week 2 sequence etc.


Exercises with a “/” will be alternated on the workout days. For example:


T O E N T E R1 (2).png
Don’t do both during the same workout day. Alternate as you go along.


Supersets mean doing two exercises with zero to minimal rest (10-15 seconds) consecutively. Here’s a sample video for a superset.



Now before I show you the program, we would like to ask a simple favor for those who will stick with this program…


Please send photos of your transformation. It doesn’t matter when; as long as your follow proper nutrition and this program, the results will come. We’ve seen results as little as 3 weeks. That could also be you.


It would mean the world to me and especially to Coach. Thank you!


Okay, for sure this is it. There is no name for this program yet but for until it has been officially launched, we’ll name it The MF Women’s Program. Because why not, right? This is your program!


Yes, you read that right. This has not been launched yet and Coach Cho has granted the permission to bring you exclusive access here. Here it is and good luck!





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