Creating A Fat Loss Meal Plan

I have been debating this topic for quite some time now.


Not because I have secrets or anything for fat loss but because I really don’t “meal plan”.


I prepare in bulk but cook in real time when I need to eat.


Now, the majority of the people I talk to still want to know what is the workout program that I follow for fat loss… but only a handful wants to know what my meals are.


This is interesting because if you really are serious about your body goals, meals and nutrition should be the priority.


You can follow any type of program out there, you may even choose not to.


But at the end of the day,

“You are what you eat.”

Eat like crap, expect to look like crap. That’s it in the most basic sense.


Another reason why I don’t want to write something about this is that my meals are pretty boring and I do not want to discourage you.


I am all for eating what you want as long as it fits your calories. What’s life without risks, right? But because my goal is pretty much set in stone, eating almost 100% was a personal choice for me.


I am a creature of habit and really prefer to keep things simple. I have been eating almost the same meals every day for the last 3 months.


Any change in the weighing scale, I can almost pinpoint the reason why when I look back at yesterday’s eating habits.


Maybe I took some extra sodium, maybe a bit more of carbs or maybe I didn’t eat enough. Maybe I didn’t sleep well or maybe it was such a stressful workout the day before.


When you have a pattern, it’s easy to see outliers.


The Foundation of My Current Fat Loss Diet


Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks.


My cutting calories now are 1700 calories. This takes into account my age, current weight, height, and activity level.


Depending on the results, I may need to adjust this in the next few weeks.


Note about being on testosterone

I have been on testosterone for 7 years so I am assuming my metabolism and hormonal functions are now almost the same as a biological male. In all my calculations, I use Male.

My Carbohydrate Sources and Timing


Like I said, I eat really clean.


There’s a handful of chips or junk food every now and then but 80% of the time, it’s clean solid unprocessed food.




My preferred junk food would be breakfast cereals, chips like Cheese Rings or Tortillos Black, native delicacies like piaya.


I stay away as much as possible from Filipino rice deserts like sapin-sapin, puto, suman etc because these are all made from rice flour which is basically ground rice. Just a single piece or slice of these things are very, very, very carb dense.


I prefer to eat more carbs throughout the day rather than blow it up on 1 piece of puto, which is roughly a half cup of rice already depending on the size.


For timing, I really don’t care that much but I prioritize pre-workout and post-workout nutrition. I eat carbs for both, with a higher amount post-workout.


Don’t I get hungry? I used to but now my body is used to it and the schedule that I eat. And I eat a lot of oats and oats burn so slow, they keep you full longer.


I eat white rice only in the evening because that’s when I and wife eat together.


If you don’t like vegetables, make sure to take some multivitamins. But it’s still better if you have veggies.


I do not track leafy greens. The only vegetable I track would be green peas because they are starchy.


My Fat Sources and Timing


I really don’t mind fat and I play around with this a lot. Fats do not make you fat. Excessive calories do.


If I eat a lot of carbs, I lessen my fat intake for the day. If I eat little carbs, I up this amount for the day. This is mostly for hormonal balance because that’s the purpose of fats in your diet. My fat intake never goes below 40g.




The only time I try to avoid too much fat is pre-workout and post-workout because it makes me feel sluggish and heavy, which is the opposite of what I want during these time periods.


I do not use low-fat or fat-free labeled stuff because heaven knows what chemicals they have added there to retain the taste. Nope nope nope.


My Protein Sources and Timing


Ah-hah. The weakness of most people.


Truth be told, people do not eat enough protein. People think they are because they eat all the meats and viands but in reality, they are not.


Only 38.5g protein and equivalent to 1020 calories



Only 15g protein with calories at 380 calories. With rice, should be at 500-600 calories.


This is why you have been told to try and avoid fast food because you’ll blow up your calories in one sitting without even reaching your protein requirement. And you’re gonna get hungry pretty soon after.


Back to protein, I keep this very basic.




For sure, you saw the whey protein. After all, supplements are magic, right?




I only get 48g out of my 170g requirement from whey protein. That’s only 30%, equivalent to roughly 200g of raw chicken breast which I can also eat instead of drinking whey protein.


For dinner, I do the cooking for us so pretty much I control the caloric value of the food we eat. I search for recipes, input the ingredients on MyFitnessPal and that’s it.


Is my wife getting her protein requirements for her weight? I don’t know because I don’t know how she eats at work and I let her eat anything she wants. But I can bank that she is getting pretty close based on the dinners we have every night.


Whole eggs or egg whites? I eat eggs whole. I don’t like wasting food.


The point is, it’s not hard to reach your protein requirements. You just have to be aware of the sources you have and what is within your budget.


Out of all the macronutrients, protein is my priority so whenever I plan my weekly meals, I input all my protein sources first and whatever is left over from my calories, I distribute for carbs and fats.


The Way I Cook Meals


We have this assumption that “healthy” means boiled, steamed, broiled, bake etc..


First, we don’t have an oven. We do have a contact grill so I use that for the chicken.


All the rest, I fry or cook on the stovetop.


The only thing I try not to do is deep fry but I still eat fried food.


No, I do not pre-cook meals and refrigerate and microwave. The only time I do this is for my oats and eggs because I don’t want to be stressed out in the morning.


The Actual Meal Plan For Cutting


And because you really want to see, here are my current meal plans. I like to change it sometimes but this is my base meal plan for 1700 calories, both on training and non-training days.


The dinner varies so what I do is make sure I have at least 350-400 calories for dinner.


I do not follow intermittent fasting because I don’t like it. I eat when I want to. If I get hungry in awkward times, I drink water or drink coffee until I get my hands on solid, clean food.


transman meal plan translifter



transman meal plan rest day translifer


See how boring it is? LOL.


It doesn’t mean you to operate this way too. This is just what works for me, my schedule and my own comfort.


Having a foundation for your meal plan is great especially if you are just starting out. If you create a structure as early as now, you will eventually learn how to manipulate that in the future.


Knowing what you need to eat during the day makes you more aware of the food choices you make just in case you need to make changes.


If, however, you want to literally eat anything you can and still lose fat, check out the workout program I use where it teaches how exactly how to do it. It’s on sale until this Friday!

Creating A Fat Loss Meal Plan
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Creating A Fat Loss Meal Plan
A fat loss meal should not be about starving yourself. Learn how to create your own with a sample guide right here.
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