The Transman 10-Week Fat Loss Hack

On my Facebook page, I recently asked a question about what people want to learn about:


burn fat or build muscle thetranslifter lgbt transgender fitness


Majority of the votes wanted to know more about losing fat…


And there are so many out there claiming this or that, losing a huge chunk of fat in a snap. So now, it’s either people are even more confused or assume that these results are the results of using something. I will address that later.


If this is your first time visiting the website, that’s cool. Everything you need to know is already published via the Fat Loss 101 Series:


Fat Loss 101 Part 1

Fat Loss 101 Part 2

Fat Loss 101 Part 3


But if you have been here before trying to find more, that’s quite interesting..


Because those articles are more than enough to get you going.


Those articles contain exactly what I did to lose 1lb of fat weekly for the last 10 weeks.


But what is the problem here? Why are people still looking for answers on how to lose fat?


The battle for weight loss has always been a huge goal for most people.


But do you know what the real problem is?


People have more excuses not to do anything about their problem.


It’s always one of these things:


  1. I don’t have time to go to the gym
  2. I don’t know how to cook
  3. I don’t know what to eat
  4. It’s hard
  5. I don’t know where to start


I could probably list a whole lot more but these 5 things are the most common statements that I have read or received since time immemorial.


So as a solution, let me break it to you gently and address these excuses. Because these were also my own excuses at a certain time.


5 Answers To Your “Excuses”


  1. I don’t have time to go to the gym


Listen, at the prime of my gym days when I was going 5x a week PLUS doing strict meal planning, I was in the office for 12 hours.


That’s right. 12 hours and those do not even include the time spent commuting using public transport and Manila traffic.


  • 1 hour to prepare for work
  • 1+ hour/s to go to work (depending on the traffic situation)
  • 12 hours in the office
  • 1+ hour/s to go home (depending on the traffic situation)


That’s roughly 15 out of the 24 hours we have in a day, leaving me with 9 hours left for everything else. Plus I was in a relationship so that should be accounted for, as well.


I try to sleep at least 6 hours, so that leaves me with 3 hours.


The average gym session is 1 hour. And still, I have 2 hours remaining for whatever.


So what’s the point? You always have time. You just consciously chose not to devote time. And that’s why you’re still on Day 1.


  1. I don’t know how to cook


This is absolutely ridiculous, imo.


In fact, the owner of The Workout Program That I Use does not know how to cook as well. But… I’ll just let his results speak for itself.


lazy lifter minimalist fitness the trans lifter
You can even ask him if you want. LOL.


Look, we are in the 21st century where books (sadly) are literally just becoming shelf décor. But have you ever heard of Google? Youtube? Pinterest? Gordon Ramsay?


I personally learned to cook via Youtube. Check out these channels for inspiration. Just click on the photos to go directly to their channel.


fitcouplecooks youtube meal planning the translifter
FitCoupleCooks: Check out Steff and Adam! Their meals are super easy to cook!


bobby flay flavcity youtube translifter meal planning
FlavCity with Bobby is a really awesome channel! I still cook some of his meals today.


I also use Pinterest and PanlasangPinoy has also saved me on many occassions.


It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: Getting your nutrition in check PLUS getting the body composition you’ve always wanted.


  1. I don’t know what to eat


Let this be said that you can eat anything. The caveat, of course, is control and discipline.


We all love to be extra. Extra rice, extra drink, extra beer, extra piece. Because being extra is the spice of life!


Sure, believe it. I believe it too.


You can eat all the food you want as long as it fits your caloric requirements. Yes, I will always go back to this concept because calories are the king, queen, prince, and princess of fitness. All other concepts are based on this simple concept. Even the ever so famous Keto, when done properly.


flexible dieting iifym calorie counting
Mix and match your food according to your requirements.


  1. It’s hard


IDK about y’all but when you finally get something that you’ve worked really hard for, it gives off a better sense of accomplishment. You feel better and have those bragging rights.


As compared to when you pluck something so easy, you could’ve done it while sleeping.


What’s that corny quote again? Hmmm..


“Nothing worth having comes easy.”


Absolutely true especially in fitness where progression is not linear, meaning it’s not always going to be the number dropping when weighing yourself or the numbers going up when you’re trying to bulk up. It’s one crazy, mentally-challenging ride!


fat loss progression
That scale will jump up and down so many times, it will be frustrating.


I never said it was easy. Nobody ever did. Did Arnold say it? Did The Rock say it? Any fitness advocate you’ve seen who said it’s easy peasy? Nope, I didn’t think so.


Because these people worked hard for it and reaped the benefits. It’s hard, yeah? F yeah, it’s supposed to be hard because you won’t grow if you’re in unicorn land.


  1. I don’t know where to start


The mere fact that you’ve reached this far in this article means you’ve already started.


Wanting something is good enough. Now you just have to build up from that.


I’ve written quite a few articles so you know where to begin and I will forever advocate the importance of calories. Not saying you have to count all the time but the recognition that in order to progress, we have to know how our body handles what we take in.


It still stands that you need calories to support growth and growth can be in the form of losing fat or gaining muscle. Growth is progress.


If you still don’t know where to start, check the Fat Loss 101 articles starting with Part 1. I assure you, everything you will get from there is exactly what I do.


Did I do anything special to achieve a fat loss amount of 1lb weekly?


Yes, I have gotten this question quite a few times already. Because the results are like night and day.


10 week fatloss progress minimalist fitness transgender transguy trans man fitness
10-week progression


To answer it, here are EXACTLY the 4 things that I did:

  1. Monitor my nutrition using calories
  2. Go to the gym 3x a week and never miss a day
  3. Monitoring progress using photos and measurements
  4. Focus on one goal: to see my abs for the first time


Sounds familiar? Yes, because I’ve already written about it here on this blog. It looks simple on paper, I know. But these 4 things have allowed me to make more progress than ever before in my life.


Monitoring Calories


I calculated my BMR and TDEE, just like how I have outlined in the previous articles. From there, I monitored and made adjustments depending on how my body reacted. I was aware that my body does not respond well to too many carbs.


I ate the same food every day, adjusting if I want to eat something else. That’s a tip. If you eat the same food every day, it will be easier to make adjustments if you want to fit in something else. I do not do intermittent fasting. I love breakfast ❤️


That said, I maintained a high protein, mid carb, and mid-fat plan. I don’t have any meal plans to share but here’ s a screenshot of what my normal day looks like. You can pretty much see it’s clean and that’s how I chose it to be. I can eat junk too but that’s going to be a personal choice depending on the person. Rule of thumb: 80% clean, 20% dirty.


It looks boring but I like eating this way.


Go to the gym 3x a week and never miss a day


I plan my days around my gym days. I manage my time in the office so I can be in the gym on time. My workouts are always planned at least 1 day early so it would be easier to focus and be in the game.


To date, I have never missed a gym day. Maybe you can call it obsessive or impractical but here’s the deal: this place is where I can totally devote time to myself. It’s 1 hour of grinding it out and accomplishing something that would benefit me. Am I losing anything in that process? I don’t think so.


Have to redact this for copyright purposes 🙂


Monitor progress using pictures and measurements

Did I mention that the weighing scale can be a huge liar? Because it does not differentiate between skeletal mass, water weight, fat mass and lean mass.


Why does that matter? Because that scale can say you already lost 10lbs when in fact you just lost water weight. Losing water can make you look more ripped, more vascular. But the real measure would be your body fat percentage which needs to be measured professionally.


So to measure progress, I rely on visuals like photos and videos. And take weekly measurements of different areas in my body.


Focus on one goal


We all have goals. You can have the same as mine, or this person might have the same as yours. But the bottomline is, we gotta work for those goals no matter what.


That’s the thing about life, right? We gotta hustle for that goal if we want it so badly. It doesn’t mean you should have just 1 goal (which isn’t a bad idea too, btw) but you can have so many goals in many aspects of your life.


Learn to focus on one at a time and do something to reach that goal every day. It makes all the difference when you look back and see that you’ve actually moved forward.


There is no greater feeling than seeing yourself transform both mentally and physically. At least in this fitness sphere, the smallest thing matters like an extra rep, an extra push, a bit more focus today than yesterday. You get to celebrate these little victories every time you grind it out. So go get a goal and if you need help, try this article on for size about the 1 Thing That People Fail To Do.

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